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Crunchy Hen Cucumber Boats – Recipe

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Lotus Roots may also be observed at any Asian grocery store, however they’re not obligatory and act quite simply as a “lid” to keep the combination onto the hollowed out cucumbers. A thick lettuce leaf is a well replacement.

Peel Lotus Roots and slice them to ΒΌ inches. Fry the slices in Grape Seed oil till flippantly browned then drain on paper towel. Flippantly salt if preferred. (Notice: Grape Seed oil has a top smoke factor, and it’s mild, and light-tasting so it’s ultimate for this motive. This implies it’s much less more likely to develop into a “trans fats” at top hot heats).

Cut up 2 cups roasted fowl breast and mix with 1/eight cup finely chopped purple onion, 1/four cup of each and every: chopped bamboo shoots, celery, inexperienced peppers, broccoli. Combine all in combination and season very good with salt and pepper. Believe loose so as to add some other veggie you believe like. Remember, the crunchier, the larger! The bamboo shoots make for a quality crunch.

Upload three TBSP’s Grape Seed oil to the bird and all of the different elements and toss good to bind. Simply upload somewhat at a time, till the blend turns out wet sufficient to stick within a hollowed-out cucumber. Then to the combination upload 1 massive rice cake crumbled and a couple of/three cup crumbled feta cheese, then toss all to mix good.

Peel the cucumbers: So reduce them lengthwise, then making use of a spoon, cast off all seeds to hole it out totally. Fill the hole “boats” with the hen combination. Do not be afraid to make use of your arms for this aspect. Press that blend frivolously within the cucumbers.

Position the Lotus root slices on correct around the most sensible of the cucumbers, and press them right down to maintain all of it in combination. Crunch away in this splendidly crunchy breadless sandwich.

(NOTES: Lotus Roots are well supply of Nutritional Fiber, Thiamin, Nutrition B6, Phosphorus, Potassium, Copper and Manganese, and an overly well supply of Nutrition C).

In a part a cup of lotus root, there’s roughly nine.five gms carbohydrate, 8gm of omega fat, zero.nine gms protein, and tons of nutrients.

OTHER USES: Lotus roots, ready the identical approach, i.e. sliced thinly after which deep fried, make a excellent replacement for a potato chip. Dip them in guacamole or different dips. They’re very filling, and the moistness of the lotus roots does now not enable the fats to “seep into” the chip, so there is not any heavy oily greasiness, as there can also be with potato chips. Revel in.

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