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Guinea Pig – Conduct

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An primary factor to understand as a guinea pig proprietor, is the conduct of your piggy. It will support to inform you while he/she isn’t feeling good, while they’re indignant, or pleased, and even lonely.

Piggies are concentration seekers through nature. They may be able to get very lonely very rapidly, so they are going to make noise and hop round, commonly simply to get your concentration.


While a guinea is indignant, you’ll normally listen their tooth chattering. It’s infrequent, but when they’re directing it at you, they desire you to stick away, so please recognize his/her area. Piggies not often chatter their tooth at people and rarely chew, be conscious that if they’re very mad or disenchanted, they’ll nip. Pay concentration in case you have piggies in a single cage, one could also be chattering his tooth on the different, this can result in a battle. It on the whole occurs while boars (male guineas), or sows (feminine guineas), meet for the primary time. They’re simply checking out their hierarchy. The fur round their necks will lift to lead them to seem greater. They are going to sway from aspect to facet and slowly exhibit their tooth. Should you see your piggies doing this to one another, it’s first-class to split them earlier than a battle breaks out, simply watch your arms. Situation a towel over their eyes to confuse them and separate them at the moment.


Barbering is while a guinea chews on a different guinea’s fur. A few speculate this is a signal of dominance, however I suppose they’re simply being quality. Different piggies at the different finish of the barbering would possibly take a seat flippantly as they’re trimmed, others would possibly come to be agitated and headbutt the opposite, or worse.

Begging for meals

Piggies like to beg for tasty treats. As they develop in trust, they’re going to begin wheeking once they suspect their vegetables are at the means, typically they’re going to even get up on their hind legs, identical to a dog! They get very excited and seem on your course with keen eyes, hoping you might have noticeable them.


Guinea Pigs not often chew their house owners. Most likely they only nibble or nip as some way of communique, in particular the younger ones who’re nonetheless studying. There are a couple of factors why your piggy would possibly chew. Ensure you’re retaining him/her accurately, if you do not the guinea would possibly get concerned you’re going to drop them and nip at you as though to mention “Hiya, watch out!” If in case you have been protecting your piggy for a at the same time they usually begin to nibble for your garments, this can be some way of speaking to you that they must use the toilet, as a way to talk. Check out to not maintain your piggy to any extent further than 10 – 15 mins at a time. Don’t forget, they cannot pass their legs and maintain it like we will be able to. So much piggies will attempt to prevent doing it on you however if in case you have a chiefly cozy person who does not brain, hold a towel beneath them while you’re preserving them, to look after your garments. Now not all will nibble in your garments, a few would possibly fidget, or moan at you, this implies they might love to be placed again of their cage.

A few Piggies chew by chance, while you’re feeding them. They get excited and put out of your mind to differentiate among hands and meals. Additionally watch out once you have been dealing with meals, wash your palms or they will mistake your finger because the deal with. Biting can be triggered via a parasite like mites, if you’re pettign a piggy with mites, it could actually motive first-rate affliction and they’re going to do whatever to quit the soreness. They will attempt to nip the subject to get a few comfort but when your hand is in the best way, you will be nipped rather. For extra know-how approximately mites, please learn my well being care article.

Biting of the cage bars

A few piggies are susceptible to biting the bars in their cage. A few will most effective do that once they desire meals, or they listen whatever makng them believe meals is at the approach. They’re going to begin wheeking, but when the chef is taking too lengthy thy will begin biting the bars out of boredom and/or loneliness, although you spend plenty of time with them. They do want a cage mate after a whilst, in case you have owned a piggy for a whilst and are optimistic in taking care of him/her, remember getting an extra in order that they may be able to hold each and every different organization. They are going to additionally chew the bars if their cage is small and they don’t get so much roam-free time. The loss of endeavor can pressure them out. Please attempt to furnish a greater cage, peculiarly in case you plan on getting an extra piggy, and allow your guinea out for a run across the apartment as soon as in a whilst. Piggies want their freedom.

Consuming Poo

When you detect your piggy duck their head beneath and notice they’re munching on whatever, they’re honestly consuming their possess poo. It will sound gross to us, however it is extremely normal conduct for guineas. Rabbits will even consume their possess poo. They don’t seem to be the typical poo you spot within the cage, that is softer and smaller. Piggies do that to re-ingest the ‘smooth poo’ seeing that their digestive process does now not extract all of the nutrients from the meals immediately.


Should you discover your piggy is hunched up in a nook, watching unhappy, or depressed, this may increasingly point out an health problem. Attempt to present them their favourite meals, in the event that they exhibit no curiosity in any respect, please take him/her to the vet immediately. It is extremely principal to take action due to the fact that a piggy’s well being can drop quickly, it’s principal to seize matters on the first signal.


Piggies will typically stand nonetheless for a brief interval of time if they’re afraid or they have got heard a unexpected loud sound they’re unfamiliar with. It’s their means of creating themselves invisible and letting others within the organization understand. Freezing is most often followed via a small vibrating sound, this shows they’re afraid. This conduct would possibly occur bird the mobilephone jewelry or anyone knocks on the door.


Like so much pets, a few guinea pigs like to lick you while you keep them. Feel of them as guinea pig kisses. Now not all piggies do it, approximately three of 6 piggies like to deliver out kisses. A few believe it’s for the reason that our epidermis is salty they usually benefit from the style, It’s not that i am all that persuade and I think it’s extra of an affectionate conduct.

The Mating Dance

Men and Women each perform this dance. They’re going to swing their hips from side to side and make a vibrating sound, referred to as motorboating. Don’t be alarmed in case your feminine piggy begins the mating dance with yet another feminine, she is in most cases simply feeling hormonal.


Typically that is noticeable as a sexual conduct, nevertheless, it may also be a signal of dominance closer to an additional guinea. A dom male would possibly do that to a submissive male, regularly once they first meet, they’re simply checking out who’s the boss, or the king of the cage. A feminine may additionally mount a further feminine if she is in season or if a neutered male isn’t paying concentration to her. It’s all very average, so don’t fear for those who see identical intercourse piggies mount each and every different. Nevertheless, if men are doing it to one another, be careful for indicators of aggression, you don’t desire a battle to damage out.The exact act of mounting, most effective takes a couple of fast seconds, however after a relaxation, the mounting will begin once more. Earlier than the mounting commences, there can also be rather a little of a chase concerned. The piggy that’s being pursued, would possibly oftentimes whinge and/or come to be frustrated. So long as you do not see any competitive behaviour, the commotion sounds so much worse than it honestly is. Having stated that, being consistently chased can also be arduous and disturbing, so when you’ve got a spare cage, it perhaps a well notion to split your guinea pigs, so they may be able to have a few peace for a bit of whilst.

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