Guinea Pig Nutrition – What Do Guinea Pigs Consume?
» » Guinea Pig Nutrition – What Do Guinea Pigs Consume?

Guinea Pig Nutrition – What Do Guinea Pigs Consume?

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 Guinea   Pig  Nutrition:

To make certain that your cavy lives an extended, completely satisfied and affluent lifestyles it’s main that your cavy keeps a healthful nutrition. A usual  guinea   pig  nutrition is composed of clean water, hay, pellets, nutrition C and a few recent greens.

Nutrition C:

There are a couple of methods that your cavy will get Nutrition C.  Guinea   Pigs  get Nutrition C from consuming recent greens and pellets; nevertheless this will not be adequate.  Guinea   Pigs  want roughly 10-30 mg of Nutrition C on a everyday foundation to avert getting scurvy. When you think that your  guinea   pig  isn’t getting adequate Nutrition C via their consistent nutrition than we advise giving them a small dosage of liquid nutrition C, or get a divorce a small chewable nutrition C pill and feed it to them immediately.

It’s main to not combine Nutrition C (or any dietary supplements, or drugs) in with the  guinea   pigs  water. Nutrition C will difference the flavour of the water and  guinea   pigs  won’t drink it. Moreover, in the event that they do drink it, they will not be consuming adequate of it.

Recent Water:

Difference the water everyday, fill up with recent bloodless water; water from the tap works simply quality. You desire to hinder distilled water, water with an excessive amount of calcium in it and water with a top mineral content material. The quality option to deliver the water is by way of making use of a vertical striking water bottle to avert spills and infection.


 Guinea   Pig  Meals will have to be saved in a small ceramic, tough plastic bowl or in a small meals garage bin particularly designed for small animals. It’s endorsed that  guinea   pig  meals will get converted everyday and the bowl is wiped clean everyday as good. As a result it’s well to have 2-Three bowls for everyday replenishment.

While settling on the right meals in your cavy learn the parts cautiously. Seem for a  guinea   pig  pellet meals that has nutrition C in it, and prevent meals with a top quantity of corn. Quite often a cavy will have to consume 1/eight of a cup of pellets an afternoon (assess the kit for advocated serving sizes) in conjunction with hay and a few greens. Meals will have to be saved in a groovy darkish position for right maintenance of freshness.

So much  guinea   pig  pellets are mainly alfalfa that is first-class for younger  guinea   pigs , and pregnant  guinea   pigs . As soon as your cavy has reached a yr ancient switching to Timothy pellets is a well proposal as it’s scale back in calcium in an effort to restrict any disorders with urinary-tract infections.


An sufficient quantity of hay will have to consistently be offered invariably and is well for  guinea   pigs  of every age. Hay isn’t a replacement for pellets, and pellets don’t seem to be a replacement for hay. Hay is primary to the nutrition of a  guinea   pig  due to the fact it is helping them certainly digest their meals larger, expand their fiber consumption and lower urinary-tract infections. A sensible cord rack can be utilized to condo the hay within the  guinea   pig  cage.

There are primary forms of Hay; alfalfa hay that is exceptional for younger  guinea   pigs  and malnourished, pregnant and/or nursing cavy’s and timothy hay that is quality for grownup  guinea   pigs . Alfalfa has a top quantity of calcium so it will have to handiest accept to grownup  guinea   pigs  as soon as in awhile as a deal with.


One of the crucial largest cornerstones for your  guinea   pigs  nutrition is recent greens. Cavies will have to slowly be announced to recent greens (to hinder digestive disorders), as soon as cavies are acquainted with greens you’ll be able to begin to combine a kind of them into your cavy’s nutrition.

Greens that  guinea   pigs  can consume:

Romaine lettuce, inexperienced and purple pepper, spinach, carrots, tomatoes, cantaloupe, dandelion vegetables, corn husks, clover, and plenty of extra.

That is only a brief record of the greens your cavy can consume, however be inventive there are lots of extra that don’t seem to be in this record that your  guinea   pig  would possibly quite revel in. It is foremost that the greens you serve your  guinea   pig  are recent; do not deliver them spoiled/wilted meals.

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