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Guinea Pig Play

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Within the wild, guinea pigs are playful creatures who love to interact in what we could name video games. Like their wild ancestors, your puppy piggies additionally love to play too. Being social animals they notably like to play with one an extra. Solitary play could also be a trendy recreation of cavies, who will fortunately amuse themselves with sensible toys.

The quality solution to revel in your puppy at play is to provide him a toy and allow him run unfastened with a well-known guinea pig associate after which take a seat again and benefit from the interplay. Cavies like to run round, bounce off and on cardboard bins, chase each and every different via tubes and bounce over one an additional. Then there’s “pop-corning”, leaping directly up within the air. You could also be fortunate adequate to peer piggies play tug-of-war.

Condominium keep units make high-quality toys for cavies. Check out delivering your puppy any of the next items: a paper cup, a rest room paper spool, a small cardboard field, straw baskets or a paper grocery bag. Exchange your guinea pig’s toys so he does not get board with them. You need not purchase high-priced toys for you puppy piggie natural family units are traditionally the fine.

While you play together with your puppy piggie external the cage there are a couple of elements you must hold in brain:

  • In the event you can not supervise your piggie invariably while he is out of his cage, ensure he is in a at ease subject wherein different pets can not get to him.
  • Make the field wherein your puppy might be gambling “guinea pig-proof”
  • Be conscious of wherein your puppy is normally. Watch ft and closing doorways and seem out earlier than you set something at the flooring for your guinea pig’s cage
  • Use the time to get to understand your puppy greater.

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