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Human Artifacts Located in Fossil Beds

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A few years in the past I learn of the good documented archaeological discover of a hammer head and aspect of a shaft discovered embedded in Cretaceous sandstone close London Texas. It used to be discovered in stone now not clay or soil. The sandstone wherein the hammer used to be observed contained Lessen Cretaceous fossils of the variety that might be dated via ancient earth evolutionists at approximately 140 million years historical. But it’s unimaginable for a hammer or any human artifact to that ancient.

Believe of it – a hammer discovered in a fossil mattress!!! This old hammer is – as we will quickly see – most effective certainly one of hundreds and hundreds of human artifacts discovered in fossil bearing stone.

The veracity of the hammer discover is better by way of the truth that the hammer head consists of 96.6% iron, 2.6% chlorine and .75% sulfur. Chlorine is nonmetallic and is close unattainable to bond with iron underneath trendy atmospheric stipulations.

Within the days earlier than the biblical flood of Noah, the surroundings used to be very distinct than it’s at present. (I will be able to point out in passing that the flood of Noah could also be defined in dozens of alternative old histories and this confirms the truth of this catastrophic occasion.)

The pre-flood earth used to be surrounded by way of a vapor cover that’s defined in Genesis 1:6-Eight. The vapor cover shielded the earth from the dangerous rays of the solar that produce optimistic ions. An surroundings with low ionic infection might enable iron and chlorine to be bonded via primitive metallurgical ways. Hence we infer that the hammer is a precise pre-flood artifact! The hammer used to be embedded in silt laid down for the period of the flood of Noah’s day. The silt later hardened into stone. To peer an instance of this in our possess day we’d like seem no additional than the eruption of Mt. St. Helens.

The effluent of the Mt. St. Helens eruption has shaped a miniature grand canyon that has already hardened into stone. I am not relating to the volcanic magma however as a substitute to the water borne silt published for the period of the eruption that contained distinct minerals that triggered it to harden into sandstone. Stone used to be shaped from water borne minerals because of the Mt. St. Helens eruption within the identical method that stone used to be shaped for the period of and after the flood of Noah.

Many human artifacts and human skeletal stays were located embedded in coal seams and different fossil bearing strata that’s intended by way of evolutionists to be thousands of years ancient. I’ve in my ownership pics of a couple of of those.

For additional documentation of this I refer you to a guide written from a nonchristian viewpoint entitled “Forbidden Archaeology – The Hidden Historical past of the Human Race.” The authors are Michael A. Cremo and Richard L. Thompson. Different books in this area however written from a Christian point of view are “Footprints and the Stones of Time” by way of Dr. Carl Baugh & Dr. Clifford Wilson and “Why Do Guys Feel Evolution Towards All Odds” through Dr. Carl Baugh.

In those books you’ll discover documentation of items corresponding to a hole steel tube located at Saint-Jean de Livet, France in a intended 65 million yr historical chalk mattress. A petrified shoe sole located embedded in Triassic rock in Nevada used to be found out through John T. Reid, an engineer and geologist. This Triassic rock is said to be 213 – 248 million years ancient. There are actually 1000s of such unearths defined within the above books. A few of these artifacts and skeletal stays are on show on the Production Evidences Museum in Glen Rose Texas.

How can we give an explanation for the invention of human artifacts countless numbers of ft underneath the outside in fossil bearing rock formations?

The Bible explains all of it very certainly. Throughout the flood of Noah the vapor cover above the surroundings rained down on the planet and the fountains of the best deep (subterranean fissures) have been damaged up (Genesis 7:11-12). The international deluge dislodged trillions of lots of sediment and laid down the fossil beds for the period of this temporary interval of time.

The earth is younger. Earth’s age is measured in 1000’s, now not billions of years. Evolution didn’t have wherever close sufficient time to take position. Atheistic evolution is a lie.

The publication of Genesis offers a correct historical past of early earth! The Bible is God’s holy ebook and we might do good to provide heed to it.

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