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Plasma Lifestyles Types – Extraterrestrial beings From a Parallel Earth

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The Fundamental Plasma Metaphysics Concept in three+1 Dimensions

In line with darkish plasma concept, the physical-dense Earth is gravitationally coupled to a counterpart darkish topic Earth composed of low density plasma. This “sister” Earth used to be co-accreted with the physical-dense Earth approximately four.6 billion years in the past from darkish topic accessories within the embryonic Sun Process. Plasma lifestyles types advanced in this counterpart Earth, simply adore it did at the seen planet. Those lifestyles types have been as various in scale, constitution and intelligence as carbon-based lifestyles types – as exceptional as a microbe from a whale; a mosquito from a tiger; a giraffe from a crocodile; an ant from a person. Their levels of intelligence and concentration have been as distinctive as a centipede’s concentration to the concentration and intelligence of homo sapiens. Homo sapiens advanced carbon-based our bodies that shaped symbiotic relationships with a few of these plasma lifestyles types (indicating a kind of symbio-genesis). A few of these plasma lifestyles types have interacted with us ago (deliberately or accidentally).

The entities that we’ve got recognized as ghosts, angels, demons, deities (for instance the Marian apparitions within the surroundings), extraterrestrial beings (related to UFO sightings within the surroundings), fairies, sightings of the just lately deceased (at the floor of the Earth) and balls of sunshine which seem to head via actual obstacles (with out contracting) are all plasma lifestyles types from this counterpart Earth.

Homes of Bioplasma Our bodies

Plasma lifestyles types have bioplasma our bodies. Those are electromagnetic our bodies which generate electromagnetic fields and radiate electromagnetic waves. Embedded in those bioplasma our bodies are “plasma antennae” which will tune-in and obtain electromagnetic waves generated with the aid of different bioplasma our bodies. (Plasma antennae are honestly getting used at present in clinical laboratories.) In keeping with darkish plasma idea, the our bodies of plasma lifestyles types that we come across are molded by way of our expectancies which radiate out from our possess bioplasma our bodies within the variety of electromagnetic waves and are acquired by means of them via their embedded antennae. The closer they arrive to you the greater they’re in a position to tune-in to the idea waves (i.e. electromagnetic waves that are modulated through your ideas) you’re radiating out out of your bioplasma frame. For instance, within the Marian apparitions at Fatima (Portugal), the youngsters noticed a ball of sunshine which resolved right into a man-like angel because it acquired closer to the youngsters.

Psychokinetic results have a miles bigger end result on bioplasma our bodies in comparison to the physical-dense frame. The purpose for that is that the complete relaxation mass of a bioplasma frame could be very so much scale down than the physical-dense frame. The enormously low relaxation mass too can deliver bioplasma our bodies a extra said macro-quantum outcome (in comparison to macroscopic items in our universe) as a result of the de Broglie dating.

In line with darkish plasma idea, (darkish topic) bioplasma our bodies are composed of a elaborate plasma of non-standard debris. Non-standard debris are debris which might be external the physicists’ Ordinary Mannequin and which might be incorporated in darkish topic – topic that is six occasions extra well-known within the recognized universe than average topic.

Bioplasma our bodies composed of non-standard debris glow at the hours of darkness, radiate warmth, gentle and different electromagnetic waves that may be measured by way of our clinical devices like radar and even infra-red cameras while natural topic condenses round them. Additionally they own different homes related to those forms of our bodies. The standard features of plasma lifestyles types comprise the next:

– They emit gentle (now not quite simply mirror them)

– They’re thermochromic (i.e. they difference colours at distinctive temperatures)

– They generate colourful auras and halos as excessive vigor debris collide with them.

– They’re competent to difference their measure of opacity – fitting obvious or translucent. Thus, they may be able to it seems that materialize and dematerialize.

– They generate electromagnetic fields and radiate electromagnetic waves.

– They’re conscious of electromagnetic fields and waves and will have an electric suppose while passing via our our bodies.

– They have got networks of filamentary currents inside their our bodies.

– Double helical currents, aligned with the longer axis in their our bodies could also be discerned.

– They own rotating orifices that suck in and emit excessive vigor debris.

– They may be able to emit beams of excessive vigor debris from those orifices.

– Their shapes can range (for this reason they may be able to shape-shift) however probably the most steady structure is the ball of sunshine.

– Shapes among a spheroid and a cylinder, ovoid or lenticular also are feasible because the plasma membrane is resilient and elastic and can also be stretched by means of the denser topic within.

– Identical to amoeba they may be able to generate transitority limbs (like pseudopods).

– Vortexes and misty irregularly shaped primitive plasma lifestyles types additionally exist.

– Inside the ovoid is a denser frame which varies from one plasma lifestyles type to an additional.

– A bi-layered plasma (Langmuir) sheath encloses the ovoid.

– They’re capable to cross via each and every different within the identical approach that items composed of collisionless plasma or darkish topic do.

– Very low relaxation mass.

A few old cultures have defined bioplasma our bodies which might be coupled to our carbon-based our bodies as “souls”. This isn’t unexpected as a result of their quasi-quantum conduct, their exceptional ways of shipping, obvious capacity to outcome motion at a distance; and decoupling at the demise of the carbon-based frame.

Conduct of Plasma Lifestyles Types

Conduct can differ as a result of the range of plasma lifestyles types. Plasma lifestyles (let’s assume with intelligence similar to octopuses) would possibly categorical their interest by means of coming close to to peer or suppose items that look unusual to them from their body of reference. Extra shrewd lifestyles types (similar to homo sapiens) would possibly honestly behavior experiments. Agencies of plasma lifestyles types would possibly show swarm conduct (very similar to bats, birds and fishes) with synchronized routine.

Biomechanics of Plasma Lifestyles Types

They transfer almost always by means of neutralizing or reversing their electrical cost and/or redistributing the electrical expenses of their our bodies relative to the history electrical area. They may additionally transfer by way of replacing their density. A different procedure of lively shipping is with the aid of sucking in vigor debris via their orifices within the course of the movement. The suction generates a glide.

Once they fall in power sporadically and are seen to us or our clinical devices within the scale down surroundings, fast-moving plasma lifestyles types will generate most effective vulnerable sonic booms. That is on the grounds that they’re composed of collisionless plasma and feature an overly low relaxation mass. Extremely-sensitive devices in near proximity to the entity will have to be competent to choose up the vulnerable sonic growth.

Plasma could also be regarded to be collisionless while Coulomb interactions are so infrequent that international fields within the plasma govern the dynamics. A magnetic subject endows a collisionless plasma with elastic homes analogous to these of a dense fuel and so a plasma wave crossing a magnetic area behaves moderately like an traditional sound wave. The Earth’s magnetosphere consists practically thoroughly of ionized collisionless plasma and is ruled via the Earth’s magnetic subject. Speedy shifting plasma lifestyles types might for that reason be anticipated to generate collisionless surprise waves within the magnetosphere instead than within the cut down surroundings.

Parallel Plasma Earth – The Habitat of Plasma Lifestyles Types

The counterpart darkish topic Earth, composed of low density plasma and co-rotating with our noticeable Earth, can comfortably be regarded a further planet. The sporadic interactions with plasma-based beings, who would possibly thoroughly be referred to as “extraterrestrial beings” (considering they’re, strictly talking, from an extra planet – even though a counterpart Earth), can also be studied in a extra rigorous clinical framework as soon as our present technological know-how improves to do not forget non-standard debris. All humans are the symbiotic merchandise of carbon-based our bodies and (alien) plasma-based our bodies.

Close-death reports, astral travelling, (exact) alien encounters, angelic visitations, apparitions of saints or deities – each privately to members and to the general public at giant main to mass sightings (such because the Marian apparitions or swarms of UFOs within the surroundings) arise on this bigger power darkish topic counterpart Earth and are superimposed on our extra acquainted Earth relying at the sort of come upon (see under).

This parallel Earth consists fully of plasma (in contrast to our physical-dense Earth, which even though it includes a plasmasphere, magnetosphere and ionosphere, is extensively a rocky outcrop). Thus, at the same time the biosphere of the physical-dense Earth occupies just a small quantity of the Earth i.e. generally constrained to plus or minus 10km from sea degree (that is not up to 1% of the quantity of the Earth), the plasma Earth is fully composed of plasma making it extra like a colossal plasma ocean and having a “tear-drop” structure very similar to Earth’s magnetosphere. The biosphere of this counterpart Earth is for this reason routinely higher than the actual Earth and lifestyles types more commonly transfer in all 3 dimensions fairly greatly (i.e. like fishes within the sea, now not like humans at the floor of the Earth). There’s significant biodiversity on this oceanic plasma planet which teems with lifestyles.

Plasma items which sporadically seem in our surroundings are honestly floating or swimming on this ocean. They’re for that reason capable to dart from side to side (like squid, cuttlefish and octopuses) or swim majestically (like manta rays). Plasma lifestyles types within the surroundings were visible at Marian apparitions, in Chinese language historical past as dragons and different historical civilizations (see Plasma Cosmology) and latest UFO sightings.

Forms of Encounters with Plasma Lifestyles Types

Encounters with plasma lifestyles types may also be categorised as follows:

Sort 1 Come across: That is an come upon with an usual topic plasma lifestyles kind making use of the cognitive-sensory method of our carbon-based frame in our acquainted customarily seen Earth.

Style 2 Come upon: That is an come upon with a gloomy topic plasma lifestyles kind whose power degree has fallen briefly to enable usual topic in our acquainted as a rule seen Earth to condense round it.

Sort three Come upon: That is an come upon with a depressing topic plasma lifestyles type utilizing the cognitive-sensory process of our bioplasma frame and takes position absolutely within the plasmasphere of the counterpart Earth.

Sort four Come across: That is an come across wherein there’s a twin state of recognition – each the cognitive-sensory procedures of the carbon-based frame and bioplasma frame are running. On this case, the plasma lifestyles sort within the counterpart Earth is superimposed on our acquainted mainly noticeable Earth.

So, why do they now not land on the White Condo?

The SETI Institute’s software purpose in looking to discover shrewd lifestyles external Earth is to some degree erroneous. The extraterrestrial beings which are so much most commonly encountered and that may be regarded “smart lifestyles” don’t journey at gentle velocity inside our low power actual universe nor do they have got any technological know-how to adopt intergalactic or interstellar journey. They’re co-inhabitants of the Earth procedure – which involves the seen Earth and its darkish topic counterpart. (It’s hence now not unexpected that they as a rule categorical situation approximately the well being of the planet. Why might a far off extra-terrestrial civilization be so involved approximately our little planet?)

Even though they co-evolved with us, they’re more likely to have advanced at a quicker cost. V N Tsytovich of the Russian Academy of Sciences argues that helical dirt buildings in plasma might have a “quicker evolutionary cost” in his 2007 paper on plasma lifestyles types. This could also be supported with the aid of Jay Alfred’s thought of “improved morphogenesis” of bioplasma our bodies. For this reason, this plasma-based civilization might be anticipated to be extra complex than us.

However, in spite of the headstart, this civilization might even be ordinarily suffering to realize parallel universes and will not be as competent of controlling their technological know-how or society to the level that we assume. They might face problems in interacting with us as we do in looking to have interaction with them. As a civilization they might have executive, political and social buildings; and tradition. They’re more likely to be awesome in communications technological know-how making use of bioplasma our bodies considering the fact that they might surely be extra acquainted with those forms of our bodies in comparison to us. This involves the capacity to speak with bioplasma our bodies which are coupled to our carbon-based our bodies. We would possibly interpret this as telepathy.

Established on present technological know-how it’s not likely that the arena will suppose of any interactions with those extraterrestrial beings even though they have been stuck on digital camera speaking to the President of the USA. All that might be pronounced within the media is the sighting of a “ghost” on the White Apartment. (Those extraterrestrial beings are ghost-like as they’re plasma lifestyles types, identical to ghosts.) Verbal exchange might be intermittent and vulnerable as a result of incompatible technological know-how on each side of the power curtain isolating carbon-based lifestyles types from plasma-based lifestyles types. Clinical medical professionals will opine that they’re hallucinations and the case will then be lumped-up with all of the different “ghost reviews” and shelved away. Might be our associates on “sister Earth” are rather accustomed to human nature and our feeble clinical makes an attempt to have an understanding of them. Perhaps they even worry that we will be able to damage them with our developing technological sophistication.

Why do a little persons see it and a few do not?

The large variety of sensory methods within the animal kingdom has already been mentioned somewhere else. In contrast to the bees we cannot feel ultra-violet gentle nor are we able to listen sounds or odor what our puppy puppies can listen and odor. Even inside a populace of humans the sensitivity of the sensory tactics can also be greatly various. It’s fairly seen that even the historical and younger have very special sensory levels.

Just lately, a detailed kind of telephone cellphone grew to become very fashionable. Those telephones had phone ring tones which might best be heard via the younger however now not the historical. The technological know-how depends on the truth that so much adults progressively lose the capacity to listen to high-pitched sounds once they suffer “presbycusis” or “getting older ear”. If there used to be just one youngster in a populace of 100 individuals, the relaxation being so much older, best that youngster shall be in a position to listen to the hoop tone. Assuming that we’re some of the 99 older individuals, will have to we then finish that this younger individual is having an auditory hallucination while he hears the hoop tone? The visible reply is “no”. However this kind of argument has been unashamedly and commonly approved by way of skeptics who declare to be making use of the “clinical procedure”. One skeptic says, “I will be able to now not think it till everyone is in a position to peer it”. That is obviously ludicrous. This is a clinical incontrovertible fact that the sensory levels and acuity of a populace of humans can differ tremendously. Now if we deliver in the truth that special persons can switch their locus of recognition (whether or not deliberately or extra ordinarily accidentally) extra quite simply to the sensory procedures in their associated bioplasma our bodies, we will be able to discover even larger variations.

Darkish topic items, in (the closest frequency) counterpart Earth, have interaction with natural topic in our seen Earth while their vigor stages briefly fall as a result of a style of motives and normal topic condenses round them. Mainly this may increasingly result in the iteration of electromagnetic fields and radiation that may be picked up by way of our clinical devices and even come to be seen to us if the radiation falls inside the noticeable variety of the electromagnetic spectrum. Due to the fact of this, plasma metaphysics calls this sort of topic in our nearest Earth counterpart “grey topic” because it straddles among normal and darkish topic.

By way of switching-off valuable (and unique) mind circuits, a individual would possibly switch his or her locus of attention to a bioplasma frame which has the central sensory equipment to be ready to view the plasma lifestyles types presently inhabiting our counterpart Earth. UFO sightings in general arise while a individual is taking an extended automobile journey in a featureless field (like a wilderness). This supplies the best stipulations for a individual to enter a meditative state and outcome a switch of awareness to parallel our bodies with exclusive cognitive-sensory procedures – touchdown them in our plasma-based counterpart Earth. On this variety of come across, it isn’t such a lot a case of the extraterrestrial beings touring our noticeable Earth however it’s us who’re dropping-by, uninvited, an alien Earth atmosphere.

Wherein did the Extraterrestrial beings pass when I took the Remedy?

Treatment cuts-off concentration of alien assaults on our bioplasma our bodies due to the fact that it normalizes mind features. On this case, the mind circuits that have been “switched-off”, permitting the locus of recognition to be transferred to the bioplasma frame which had the critical sensory strategies to view the significant plasma lifestyles types, were restored and “switched-on” once more. This cuts-off aware touch with the counterpart Earth atmosphere. The primary mind circuits (exceptionally within the parietal and temporal lobes) could also be switched-off bodily via surgical procedure, injuries like mind accidents, transcranial magnetic stimulation and ambient electromagnetic fields which simulates mind lesions; chemically via psychoactive or non secular medicinal drugs; psychologically via meditation or hypnosis or throughout sleep.

How do they pass via Partitions?

The bioplasma frame consists of collisionless darkish plasma (i.e. magnetic plasma within the sort of darkish topic). This makes it possible for it to move via partitions simply as darkish topic does or go with the flow via home windows utilizing electromagnetic courses. What the witnesses in alien abductions and Marian apparitions are almost always viewing is the counterpart Earth atmosphere superimposed at the actual dense Earth. There’s so much proof of this. Accordingly, only a few folks who’ve shifted their locus of recognition to their bioplasma our bodies can honestly witness the kidnapping. A organization of persons who shared the identical environmental stipulations (for instance, 4 folks in a vehicle being pushed over a featureless wilderness which generates meditative stipulations) would possibly simultaneous witness the kidnapping. The sufferer’s frame that participates in “alien abductions” is the bioplasma frame – now not the physical-biochemical frame which undergoes sleep paralysis in the course of those episodes.

The atmosphere wherein this frame unearths itself is the plasmasphere of our sister Earth. The physics on the subject of this atmosphere, even though essentially the identical as our physics (elevated to bigger vigor stages), can also be particularly exclusive from what we revel in in our day-to-day lives at the cut down power physical-dense Earth in our carbon-based our bodies. It will probably get quite complicated while our perceptions oscillate among the 2 Earth environments as a result of fluctuations in our locus of realization and their corresponding sensory-cognitive strategies – main regularly to a superimposed atmosphere. This superimposition additionally explains why we see ball lightning it seems that going via partitions or different actual items. Balls of sunshine are typical within the counterpart Earth atmosphere.

Why is there Electromagnetic Interference?

Interference via electrical and magnetic fields betray the presence of plasma lifestyles types. Actually, electromagnetic interference, within the absence of alternative seen resources, confirms that we’re handling bioplasma our bodies. Bioplasma our bodies generate electromagnetic fields and radiate excessive frequency electromagnetic waves which might be presently now not measurable via our clinical devices. Nevertheless, while their energly stages fall (deliberately or by chance) and average topic condenses round them, this normal topic then radiates briefly slash frequency (stepped-down) electromagnetic waves that may be detected by means of our present clinical devices similar to radar or even infra-red cameras. There’s so much, now not most effective UFO literature, but in addition ghost literature which files electromagnetic interference which aspects to the presence of plasma lifestyles types.

What approximately the Marks at the Frame?

It’s has been documented within the metaphysical literature that marks at the physical-biochemical frame could also be brought on via affects to the closest frequency darkish topic frame or the “physical-etheric” bioplasma frame. That is normally known as “repercussions” within the typical metaphysical literature. The frame of a person which participates in an “alien abduction” isn’t the physical-biochemical frame however the (physical-etheric) bioplasma frame. If this bioplasma frame is impacted, the physical-biochemical frame can also be impacted – very similar to what occurs in lots of stated reincarnation instances. (Observe that within the wider plasma metaphysics conception, there’s a sequence of bioplasma our bodies masking a spectrum of frequencies which fall external the recognized electromagnetic spectrum. The physical-etheric frame or the “Degree three” bioplasma frame has the frequency closest to our carbon-based frame.)

Will have to I transfer closer to the Gentle?

Whilst alien abductees see the sunshine as threatening and are attracted to it unwillingly, near-death experiencers think and notice the sunshine as being benevolent and sensible and deliberately flow closer to it. As defined by means of darkish plasma idea, the counterpart Earth is a habitat for billions of plasma lifestyles types – lots of which seem as balls of sunshine of their typical state. The identification of the sunshine can hence differ from challenge to predicament.

Are you able to get me a Plasma Gun?

The normal capability of bioplasma our bodies to direct beams of sunshine making use of vortices and magnetic fields (very similar to what occurs in a coaxial plasma accelerator) inside the bioplasma frame has already been mentioned in darkish plasma concept.

However, critically, are they Truly?

It’s well-established in cognitive technology that the arena as we see this is a production of the mind. The atmosphere which an abductee stories, in a equivalent method, could also be built from the cognitive method of the corresponding bioplasma frame. To mention that our global is extra truly than the choice counterpart Earth is a style of egocentricity that used to be regular earlier than the 15th century. Europe isn’t the middle of the arena; the Earth isn’t within the middle of the Sun Procedure; the Sun Procedure isn’t within the middle of the Milky Approach; the Milky Approach isn’t within the middle of the universe neither is our universe the centre of our multiverse. If that’s the case, then the biochemical mind of 1 species of lifestyles sort, simply advanced on a tiny rock in area, can not be the only arbiter of fact.

Throughout the primary century A.D. Europeans had little or no or no touch with India, China or the Americas as a result of the state of technological know-how at that factor of time. Europeans had bizarre recommendations and generated incredible stories approximately those “parallel” civilizations. A few Europeans even doubted or didn’t realize in their lifestyles and so much didn’t even feel approximately them. However at present we speak approximately a international village which contains a mess of countries. At present, parallel universes and parallel Earths are the brand new frontiers. Scientists who choose to stay of their relief zones – to tinker with most effective what they may be able to degree with modern day clinical devices will omit the possibility to make daring strides in know-how the multiverse – establishing with the Earth itself.


Darkish plasma conception explains a broad style of phenomena related to exact sightings of extraterrestrial beings, ghosts, deities, angels by way of each members and companies – utilizing an internally constant clinical framework. Those sightings betray the presence of plasma-based lifestyles types originating from a counterpart sister Earth gravitationally coupled to the seen Earth. (This speculation could also be pointed out because the “Parallel Earth” speculation.) Those terrestrial extraterrestrial beings (whether or not they be ghosts, fairies, grays, deities or angels) percentage normal homes and may also make clear the evolution of carbon-based lifestyles and attention at the Earth that we’re so much conversant in.

&reproduction; Copyright Jay Alfred 2008

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